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About Portugal

Portugal's popularity has been growing exponentially in the past few years. It has not only became a great place to invest, but also to live as more people choose the country to establish their home.
  • Good Weather Good Mood: Almost 300 sunny days per year, moderate winter warm summer.
  • Place to Visit - Place to Be: 20M visitors/year. Popular destination for tourists and for relocation.
  • Security & Serenity: 3rd most peaceful country. No discrimination and high level of hospitality.
  • Quality of Life with Low Budget: Lowest minimum salary in West Europe. Affordable prices, 1.100km of coastline.
  • Promising Parameters: 2,2% GDP Increase, 1,5% Inflation Rate, 6.7% Unemployment, 9% Increase in Housing Index.

Why to Invest in Portugal

  • Best Investment Immigration Program in Europe
  • Exemplary economic indicators in Europe
  • Politic Stability and Government Support
  • Real Estate Capital Gain Potential
  • Promising Tourism Indicators