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  • How do I apply for Golden Visa?

    You need to decide your investment and give attorneys to a Portugese Lawyer to prepare the necessary documentation for the investment (open a bank account, get you a local Tax number...etc) and then necessary documentation for Golden Visa application from SEF (Immigration Office)

  • What are the necessary documents for the application?

    Proof of investment (can be the deed, sales agreement, subscription form), Bank statement from the Portuguese bank account stating the funds arrived out of Portugal
    Criminal Record
    Birth certificates of the family

  • Is there and age limit of the children?

    The Children +18 should be proving that he/she is single, studying and economically depended to their parents (main investor)

  • Can the applicant and spouse work in Portugal?

    Yes, there are no restrictions for the investors to work in Portugal.

  • Where to submit the application for the Golden Resident Permit, in Portugal or I can submit in a local consulate?

    The application is submitted by the investor’s lawyer on behalf of the client at the Immigration Services (SEF) here in Portugal.

  • What are the general requirements that the investor has to comply with?

    1. Keep the investment for a minimum period of 5 years.
    2. Funds for investment should come from abroad.
    3. Entry in Portugal with a valid Schengen visa.
    4. Absence of references in the Portuguese Immigration and the Schengen services.
    5. Absence of conviction of relevant crime.

  • Is there a language requirement test for the application of the passport?

    Yes, currently, Permanent Residency and Passport always require A2 level (beginner) Portuguese.

  • What are the taxes in property acquisition?

    IMT, stamp duty and approx. notary costs is 7,2% for the investor.