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 2394 Apartment For Rent in Gemmayze Beirut
Apartment For Rent( Ref# M18200 )
Lebanon, Beirut, Gemmayze | USD 50,000 
FRESH PAYMENT / TERRACE LOVERS: This is a 350 m2 apartment very nicely located in the vibrant Gemmayze area. It consists of a triple reception area, a TV room and has three master bedrooms. The charm of this unique product is it large terrace that opens up to the reception area. Worth checking out. Inquire!
Other: Parking Qty 2, cave and secured residence.
 5827 Apartment For Rent in Ashrafieh Beirut
Apartment For Rent( Ref# M37135 )
Lebanon, Beirut, Ashrafieh | USD 14,400 
This is a very cute 85 m2 apartment located not far from Hotel Alexandre. It has a cute reception area and two bedrooms. Open mountain views. Rent includes an equipped kitchen as well.
Other: Parking (Qty 1).
 4463 Chalet For Rent in Faqra Kesrouan
Chalet For Rent( Ref# M28237 )
Lebanon, Kesrouan, Faqra | USD 25,000 
CASH PAYMENTS ONLY: MetreKarre offers you this well designed 120 m2 Chalet in Faraya with walking distance to the Mzaar Hotel. Its current layout boasts a living area plus a dining section, has two master bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. What makes this chalet so special is the selection of furniture that has been tastefully purchased and imported from Paris. Furthermore, it has a 30 m2 garden and a 60 m2 terrace private terrace.
Other: Parking Qty (1), cave and a lot of facilities.
 7393 Apartment For Rent in Ashrafieh Beirut
Apartment For Rent( Ref# M44727 )
Lebanon, Beirut, Ashrafieh | USD 30,000 
PAYMENTS SPLIT LOCALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY: This 245 m2 apartment is located a stones throw from the ABC mall . It is designed with a double reception area, has three bedrooms (One master), all sharing a nice TV area. The apartment has open views and is very sunny due to its orientation (West). A must see!
Other: Parking (Qty 2), cave and secured residence.
 7277 Apartment For Rent in Ashrafieh Beirut
Apartment For Rent( Ref# M44053 )
Lebanon, Beirut, Ashrafieh | USD 12,000 
BANKER CHECK ACCEPTED ($ 1000) OR $ 500 CASH PER MONTH: MetreKarre offers you this newly refurbished 110 m2 apartment that is great for a bachelor and/or a small family. It has been done beautifully. It has a very nice double reception area and two bedrooms. Photos were taken in the evening (Sorry). Well priced and well lit. Call us for further details.
Other: Parking (Qty 1) .
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