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 7188 Apartment For Rent in Ashrafieh Beirut
Apartment For Rent( Ref# M43268 )
Lebanon, Beirut, Ashrafieh | USD 21,600 
JUST OFF ADIB ISHAC STREET: This is a very cute fully furnished 120 m2 apartment that enjoys a nice reception area and has two bedrooms. It has a very cute balcony as well. Rent includes the furniture and an equipped kitchen.
Other: Parking (Qty 1).
 7187 Apartment For Rent in Ashrafieh Beirut
Apartment For Rent( Ref# M43264 )
Lebanon, Beirut, Ashrafieh | USD 36,000 
PROXIMITY ABC MALL: This 275 m2 apartment is gorgeous it is located in a beautiful high end building. It consists of a triple reception area linked to a large kitchen and has four bedrooms (one master). Really very nice and rented with an equipped kitchen. Furniture is not included.
Other: Parking (Qty 3), cave and secured residence.
 7186 Chalet Rented in Faqra Kesrouan
Chalet Rented( Ref# M43202 )
Lebanon, Kesrouan, Faqra  
FAQRA CLUB: An opportunity to rent out this very nice multiplex 220 m2 chalet located within the community of Faqra club. The chalet enjoys a fireplace, a lovely reception area and has five bedrooms. Rent includes furniture and an equipped kitchen. It has a nice terrace as well.
Other: Parking (Qty 2) and cave.
 7178 Apartment For Rent in Ashrafieh Beirut
Apartment For Rent( Ref# M43219 )
Lebanon, Beirut, Ashrafieh | USD 36,000 
PRIME ADDRESS: A Great opportunity to rent out this lovely 270 m2 apartment located in a gorgeous building in the prime areas of Ashrafieh. It is designed with a triple reception (living, dining and with a TV area) and has three bedrooms inclusive of a master en-suite. This apartment is highly recommended by MetreKarre given its design and location. Call us for further details.
Other: Parking (Qty 2), maid's quarters, cave and secured residence.
 1544 Apartment For Rent in Clemenceau Beirut
Apartment For Rent( Ref# M11922 )
Lebanon, Beirut, Clemenceau | USD 30,000 
MetreKarre offers you this 250 m2 apartment well located in the sought after neighborhood of Clemenceau. It consists of a double reception area, a dining room, a TV room and has three bedrooms of which only one is a master.
Other: Parking (Qty 2), secured residence and cave.
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