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 5404 Apartment For Sale in Ashrafieh Beirut
Apartment For Sale( Ref# M33939 )
Lebanon, Beirut, Ashrafieh | USD 2,000,000 
LIVE IN LUXURY! This 345 m2 apartment comes with extreme high end finishing and is located in one of the most beautiful buildings of Ashrafieh. It is designed with a small triple reception area linked to a nice kitchen and has three gorgeous master bedrooms that have open views! One look at this apartment and the building and you will definitely fall in-love.
Other: Parking (QTY 3), cave and secured residence.
 5397 Apartment For Sale in Ashrafieh Beirut
Apartment For Sale( Ref# M33919 )
Lebanon, Beirut, Ashrafieh | USD 3,600,000 
This is an exceptional 585 m2 apartment that we got hold of and is a definite love as of the first visit. It is located in gorgeous building. It boasts five reception areas with high ceilings and has four master bedrooms sharing a gorgeous TV area. Visits by appointment.
Other: Parking (Qty 4), cave, generator, secured residence and maid's quarters.
 660 Apartment For Sale in Downtown Beirut
Apartment For Sale( Ref# 5409 )
Lebanon, Beirut, Downtown | USD 5,527,500 
This is your one in a life time chance to own this 750 m2 roof top apartment in the centre ville of Beirut. It is beautifully located and has terraces with the most beautiful charming views over our beautiful city. The layout comprises of four reception areas (huge), that open up to its lovely terraces and has four very spacious master bedrooms all sharing a lovely TV area. The apartment has a very nice kitchen and so much more....
Other: Parking (Qty 4), secured residence and maid's quarters.
 5393 Apartment For Sale in Ashrafieh Beirut
Apartment For Sale( Ref# M33908 )
Lebanon, Beirut, Ashrafieh | USD 1,500,000 
WORTH EVERY PENNY: MetreKarre offers you this stunning 300 m2 apartment located in a lovely building. Designed gorgeously with a triple reception area (Two receptions and a TV section) all with Sea views and linked to a fully fitted high end kitchen. Furthermore, it has three spacious master bedrooms (with lovely bathrooms). Inquire!
Other: Parking (Qty 2), cave and secured residence.
 5392 Apartment For Sale in Ashrafieh Beirut
Apartment For Sale( Ref# M10187 )
Lebanon, Beirut, Ashrafieh | USD 703,000 
PROXIMITY SASSINE SQUARE: We offer you this 190 m2 apartment that is literally a 10 minute walk from the ABC mall and Sassine square. It has a very nice double reception area and three bedrooms (one master). The apartment is new and has never been lived in. Inquire!
Other: Parking (Qty 1), cave, maid's quarters and secured residence.
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