Before MetreKarre SARL. can list your property, you must agree to the below terms and conditions: By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to entrust MetreKarre SARL to seek for a buyer and/or a lessee for your real estate property (the "Property") on the terms and conditions specified herein. You also agree and hereby authorize MetreKarre SARL to advertise your Property in our principal publication, websites and by any other means, at our discretion, with no restrictions, including without limitation our right to produce a complete photographic portfolio of the real estate property in question. We undertake to use our best endeavors within our resources to find a buyer/lessee for your Property within the shortest time. All expenses related to advertising your Property are borne by us. This may include photographic portfolio, online publication, press publication and in-house advertisement. MetreKarre SARL fees: You agree to pay to MetreKarre SARL a fee in the amount of (i) 2.5% on the sale value of your real estate property or (ii) 1 (one) month rental fee, should MetreKarre SARL rent your Property to a third party introduced to you by or through MetreKarre SARL.